Your Needlework Guide

Frustrating isn't it?

When you can't find answers to your needlework questions.

Your needlework guide will save you time and money by bringing you the best from the web.  It answers your questions with reliable, trusted information provided by experts in their field. 

You don't have to look through hundreds of web pages, numerous online digital libraries because I have done that for you.  

Are you interested in the history of needlework?  Perhaps you are looking for needlepoint, embroidery, knitting or crochet patterns with explicit instructions?  Many of them are available and copyright free. 

Just take a look at the free online book sources I compiled for you below. All the books are available for download from various digital libraries.

Ultimate Guide to 95 Needlework Books Online

Just click on the image below and see the the list of  Needlework Books Online  available for you to explore.

Ultimate Guide To Needlework Books Online
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The books listed might be old editions, but the techniques covered within are timeless and easy to follow.  Many of them have clear well-documented color illustrations of the topics covered.  

Needlepoint Stitch Guides 

Have you ever looked at a pattern that called for a particular stitch that you were not aware of?  Or had no idea what it looks like and how to do it?  I have.

It's very frustrating not to have clear instructions for stitches to be used in a pattern.  And yes, I have ruined or picked apart many projects because of incomplete or outright wrong instructions.  

I would like to help you to avoid that.

You can easily teach yourself any stitch by having a clear chart to refer to. I have graphed over 240 needlepoint stitches for you to try.   Just print them and have it by your side for reference.  

You can easily follow the instructions from a graphed image of the stitch, and practice till you feel comfortable.

Just click on the image representing the group of stitches you are interested in.  Find the stitch you are looking for and practice till you are satisfied with the outcome.

66 Needlepoint Straight Stitches
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68 Needlepoint Cross Stitches
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46 Needlepoint Diagonal Stitches
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36 Needlepoint Box Stitches
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30 Needlepoint Tied Stitches
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17 Needlepoint Eye Stitches
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17 Needlepoint Leaf Stitches
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Charted Needlepoint Patterns

Your needlework guide also brings you unique needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery patterns to try.

All of the charted patterns ensure that you have the right instructions and the right materials to purchase before you start your needlepoint project.

For example, the following charted needlepoint carpet patterns are for those who love a challenge and not afraid of taking on a larger project.

Turkish Needlepoint Carpet Patterns
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Hungarian Needlepoint Carpet Patterns
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Geometric Needlepoint Carpet Patterns
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Charted Needlepoint Cushion or Eyeglass Case Patterns

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But if you wish to start small, take a look at the above needlepoint and cross stitch patterns for eyeglass cases and cushions.

Your needlework guide will save you time and money by:

  • bringing you copyright free online books with loads of information, 
  • guilt free patterns to practice your stitches before you start your dream project.
  • news about all things needlework related and
  • charted pattern designs to create special projects with ease. 

The techniques, preparation, materials and equipment used, may differ from project to project but knowing the right technique will help you to finish your project with ease.

Happy stitching!

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