14 Knitting Books Online

Want to learn how to knit?  Looking for free knitting patterns?

Here is your guide to 14 hard to find vintage knitting books online.

knitting books online
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1.  Cro-Knitting (1914) Ulmann, Bernhard & Co. New York

Looking for vintage knitting patterns for babies and adults?  This is an an excellent book with good illustrations, 56 pages.

2.  Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, (1918), Anonymous

A dependable source for basic knitting and crochet lessons along with plenty of patterns, including patterns for baby clothes and bonnets.   Great illustrations and black and white photo images of finished pieces, approx. 80 pages.

3.  How to use Florence knitting silk, (1885), Nonotuck Silk Company

If you are looking for unusual vintage knitted lace patterns and patterns for mittens, socks and purses, this book is worth to browse through, 88 pages.

4.  Khaki knitting book, (1917), Whiting Olive ed.

Great vintage patterns from socks, mittens, sweaters, to hats. 64 pages.

5. Knitting, Crochet, and Netting, with Twelve Illustrations, (1846), Pub.by S. Knights 

The book covers a good selection of knitting, crochet and netting patterns with few demonstrations but detailed descriptions, 93 pages.

6.  Lion yarn book, (1920) Lion Yarn Company, Lion Yarn Co

This booklet contains unusual vintage knitting patterns for all ages.  Photographs of finished garment pieces are also included, 20 pages.

7.  The Art of Knitting, (1892)  Butterick Publishing Company

It can be said that some knitting patterns are ageless;  This book has a good number of  "fancy" stitches that are well illustrated and described.  There is also a chapter on the general rules for knitting mittens, socks and stockings, hoods, capes, shawls and jackets, sweaters, belts, scarfs, hunting caps for men, and a good number of patterns for children's knitted garments, and a few purses, 154 pages.

8.  The Columbia book of the use of yarns, 5th ed., (1904), Horstmann, Wm. H., company

A good source for knitting and crocheting patterns and illustrations. Excellent detailed illustrations, 126 pages.

9.  The Columbia book of yarns, 17th ed. (1916), by Schumacker, Anna

Interesting to see how the two editions differ, the 17th edition has more detailed illustrations and off course, lot more patterns including hats, mittens and other knitted and crocheted items, 248 pages.

10.  The ladies' guide to lace patterns, (1884), [Niles, Eva M.], [from old catalog]

An incredible collection of lace knitting patterns, no illustrations but great descriptions, 80 pages.

11.  The Priscilla baby book, (1915), Barsaloux, Elsa Schappell

Adorable crochet and knitting patterns for babies, well illustrated, 40 pages.

12.  The Priscilla knitting book, (1912), Keys, Gwen. [from old catalog]

The book contains patterns for men and women and babies articles, well illustrated, 54 pages.

13.  The Sunlight book of knitting and crocheting, (1915), Gray, Adelaide J

The book takes you through from basic to advance crochet and knitting stitches, with ample illustrations and great patterns, 176 pages. 

14.  Utopia yarn book on crochet and knitting; (1919), Barsaloux, Elsa Schappell

A practical treatise on knitting and crocheting, marvelous illustrations and great patterns, 112 pages.

Go ahead, try your hand at knitting.  Let me know if you find this list of knitting books online useful to get you started

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