30 Needlepoint Tied Stitches: Charted for Visual Reference

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Want to try something different?  Try any of these 30 needlepoint tied stitches and you will be surprised the impact they make.

30 Needlepoint Tied Stitches
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Tied stitches are great to use for design elements, backgrounds, shading, geometric patterns and where you need a light to medium texture.

They are slower to work that many of the other stitches but are well worth the result.

The trick with tied stitches is to tie each stitch down as you go.  If they are a group of stitches, they too must be tied down before you start the next group.

Depending on your needlepoint canvas count, you may find that you have to thin the yarn out (using 2 ply instead of 3 or 4 ply) to make the stitch not so bulky. 

Experiment to find the right balance.

Needlepoint Tied Stitches: A Visual guide.

Alternating Wheat StitchAlternating Wheat Stitch
Arrowhead Fly StitchArrowhead Fly Stitch
Bokhara Couching StitchBokhara Couching Stitch
Crossed Scotch StitchCrossed Scotch Stitch
Crossed Tied Down Cross StitchCrossed Tied Down Cross Stitch
Diagonal Roumanian StitchDiagonal Roumanian Stitch
Double Tied Oblong Cross StitchDouble Tied Oblong Cross Stitch
French StitchFrench Stitch
Giant Rice StitchGiant Rice Stitch
Giant Tied Oblong Cross StitchGiant Tied Oblong Cross Stitch
Hitched Cross StitchHitched Cross Stitch
Interlocking Parisian StitchInterlocking Parisian Stitch
Interlocking Roumanian StitchInterlocking Roumanian Stitch
Knotted StitchKnotted Stitch
Long And Short Oblique StitchLong And Short Oblique Stitch
Omega StitchOmega Stitch
Paris StitchParis Stitch
Rice StitchRice Stitch
Rococo StitchRococo Stitch
Roumanian Couching StitchRoumanian Couching Stitch
Slashed Cross StitchSlashed Cross Stitch
Straight Rice StitchStraight Rice Stitch
Tied Oblong Cross StitchTied Oblong Cross Stitch
Tied Pavilion StitchTied Pavilion Stitch
Tied Scotch StitchTied Scotch Stitch
Tied Star StitchTied Star Stitch
Web StitchWeb Stitch
Wheat StitchWheat Stitch
Wheat Stitch times 6Wheat Stitch times 6
Wicker StitchWicker Stitch

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Go beyond inspiration and start stitching some of these 30 needlepoint tied stitches.

If you are like me, you will have some leftover yarn and needlepoint canvas on which to try these stitches.  I like to make a collage of stitches to refer to.   It also gives me a visual guide for each particular yarn type.  A handy thing to have.

Share this guide with your friends to inspire them to stitch.

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