36 Needlepoint Box Stitches:  You Might Not Know About

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36 Needlepoint Box Stitches
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Have you ever wondered what stitches to use for borders, backing or backgrounds?

Well, these 36 needlepoint box stitches, charted and worked on needlepoint canvas, might solve your problem.  They are often used to enhance geometric patterns.

Many of them are snag proof with light texture.  It is best to use a frame when stitching box stitches because they have a tendency to distort the canvas.

The squares or boxes are formed by using a variety of diagonal stitches.  Varying the color of diagonal stitches can create distinctive patterns.

Below is a gallery of charted needlepoint box stitches you might like to try.

36 Needlepoint box stitches: How many do you know?

Cashmere Checker StitchCashmere Checker Stitch

1.  Cashmere Checker Stitch

Diagonal Cashmere StitchDiagonal Cashmere Stitch

2. Diagonal Cashmere Stitch

Diagonal Cashmere StitchDiagonal Cashmere Stitch

3. Diagonal Cashmere Stitch 2

Diagonal Mosaic StitchDiagonal Mosaic Stitch

4. Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 

Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 2Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 2

    5. Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 2

Diagonal Scotch StitchDiagonal Scotch Stitch

    6. Diagonal Scotch Stitch

Diamond Scotch StitchDiamond Scotch Stitch

    7. Diamond Scotch Stitch

Divided Scotch StitchDivided Scotch Stitch

  8. Divided Scotch Stitch

Dotted Scotch StitchDotted Scotch Stitch

    9. Dotted Scotch Stitch

Framed Cashmere StitchFramed Cashmere Stitch

   10. Framed Cashmere Stitch

Framed Diagonal Cashmere StitchFramed Diagonal Cashmere Stitch

11. Framed Diagonal Cashmere Stitch 

Framed Diagonal Scotch StitchFramed Diagonal Scotch Stitch

    12. Framed Diagonal Scotch Stitch

Framed Mosaic StitchFramed Mosaic Stitch

  13. Framed Mosaic Stitch

Framed Reversed Scotch StitchFramed Reversed Scotch Stitch

    14. Framed Reversed Scotch Stitch

Framed Scotch StitchFramed Scotch Stitch

   15. Framed Scotch Stitch

Framed Scotch Stitch VariationFramed Scotch Stitch Variation

    16. Framed Scotch Stitch Variation

More Needlepoint Box Stitches to try:

Needlepoint Giant Diagonal Mosaic StitchGiant Diagonal Mosaic Stitch

  17.  Giant Diagonal Mosaic Stitch 

Needlepoint Horizontal Cashmere StitchHorizontal Cashmere Stitch

  18. Horizontal Cashmere Stitch 

Needlepoint Horizontal Cashmere Stitch VariationHorizontal Cashmere Stitch Variation

  19. Horizontal Cashmere Stitch                     Variation 

Needlepoint Horizontal Mosaic StitchHorizontal Mosaic Stitch

  20.  Horizontal Mosaic Stitch

Needlepoint Moorish StitchMoorish Stitch

  21. Moorish Stitch

Needlepoint Mosaic Checker StitchMosaic Checker Stitch

  22. Mosaic Checker Stitch

Needlepoint Mosaic Stripe StitchMosaic Stripe Stitch

  23. Mosaic Stripe Stitch

Needlepoint Point Russe Stitch 1Point Russe Stitch 1

  24. Point Russe Stitch 1

Needlepoint Point Russe Stitch 2Point Russe Stitch 2

  25. Point Russe Stitch 2

Needlepoint Reversed Cashmere StitchReversed Cashmere Stitch

   26.  Reversed Cashmere Stitch

Needlepoint Reversed Mosaic StitchReversed Mosaic Stitch

  27.  Reversed Mosaic Stitch

Needlepoint Reversed Scotch StitchReversed Scotch Stitch

  28. Reversed Scotch Stitch

Needlepoint Scotch Checker StitchScotch Checker Stitch

  29. Scotch Checker Stitch

Needlepoint Scotch StitchScotch Stitch

  30. Scotch Stitch

Needlepoint Staggered Cashmere StitchStaggered Cashmere Stitch

  31. Staggered Cashmere Stitch

Needlepoint Triangular Scotch StitchTriangular Scotch Stitch

  32. Triangular Scotch Stitch

Needlepoint Vertical Cashmere StitchVertical Cashmere Stitch

  33. Vertical Cashmere Stitch

Needlepoint Vertical Mosaic StitchVertical Mosaic Stitch

   34. Vertical Mosaic Stitch

Needlepoint Wide Moorish StitchWide Moorish Stitch

   35. Wide Moorish Stitch

Needlepoint Window Pane StitchWindow Pane Stitch

   36. Window Pane Stitch

How many of the 36 needlepoint box stitch did you know about?

Try some of them and see how well they work for backgrounds, borders or geometric designs.

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