46 Needlepoint Diagonal Stitches:
How Many Do You Know?

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I started with 4 diagonal stitches and hunted for the rest.

Ended up with 46 needlepoint diagonal stitches I just had to chart for ease of reference.  Hope you find them useful.

46 Needlepoint Diagonal Stitches
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If you want to cross junctions of canvas threads, diagonal stitches are the best.

They are excellent for backing, background, designs, and light texture.  Some are snag proof but many will distort your canvas unless worked on a frame.

Even when worked on a frame, you will find that "blocking" the finished project using diagonal stitches will be necessary.

Needlepoint Diagonal Stitches:  A Charted Visual Guide

Alternating Continental StitchAlternating Continental Stitch
Arrowhead StitchArrowhead Stitch
Basketweave StitchBasketweave Stitch
Byzantine Scotch StitchByzantine Scotch Stitch
Byzantine Stitch #1Byzantine Stitch #1
Byzantine Stitch #2Byzantine Stitch #2
Byzantine Stitch #3Byzantine Stitch #3
Byzantine Stitch #4Byzantine Stitch #4
Byzantine Stitch #5Byzantine Stitch #5
Criss Cross Hungarian StitchCriss Cross Hungarian Stitch
Diagonal Beaty StitchDiagonal Beaty Stitch
Diagonal Hungarian Ground StitchDiagonal Hungarian Ground Stitch
Diagonal Knitting StitchDiagonal Knitting Stitch
Diagonal L StitchDiagonal L Stitch
Diagonal Stem StitchDiagonal Stem Stitch
Diagonal Stripe StitchDiagonal Stripe Stitch
Giant Interlocking Gobelin StitchGiant Interlocking Gobelin Stitch
Giant Knitting StitchGiant Knitting Stitch
Encroaching Oblique StitchEncroaching Oblique Stitch
Half Cross Stitch VerticalHalf Cross Stitch Vertical
Half Cross Stitch HorizontalHalf Cross Stitch Horizontal
Interlocking Gobelin StitchInterlocking Gobelin Stitch
Irregular Byzantine StitchIrregular Byzantine Stitch
Irregular Continental StitchIrregular Continental Stitch
Irregular Jacquard StitchIrregular Jacquard Stitch
Jacquard StitchJacquard Stitch
Kalem StitchKalem Stitch
Kennan StitchKennan Stitch
Needlepoint Knitting StitchNeedlepoint Knitting Stitch
Lazy Kalem StitchLazy Kalem Stitch
Lazy Knitting StitchLazy Knitting Stitch
Milanese Color Variation StitchMilanese Color Variation Stitch
Needlepoint Stem StitchNeedlepoint Stem Stitch
Nobuko StitchNobuko Stitch
Oblique Slav StitchOblique Slav Stitch
Oriental StitchOriental Stitch
Padded Slanted Gobelin StitchPadded Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Slanted Gobelin Stitch 2 x 2Slanted Gobelin Stitch 2 x 2
Slanted Gobelin Stitch 4x4Slanted Gobelin Stitch 4x4
Slanted Gobelin StitchSlanted Gobelin Stitch
Split Slanted Gobelin StitchSplit Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Staircase StitchStaircase Stitch
Tent Stitch HorizontalTent Stitch Horizontal
Tent Stitch VerticalTent Stitch Vertical

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Ok. it's time to practice.  Get out your leftover needlepoint canvas and yarn and chose any of the 46 needlepoint diagonal stitches above.  

Before you know it, you will have a nice journal of stitches you can always refer to.

> Needlepoint Diagonal Stitches

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