66 Needlepoint Straight Stitches:
A Charted Visual Guide

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Did you know that there are at lease 66 needlepoint straight stitches you can try on your needlepoint canvas?  

66 Needlepoint Straight Stitch Variations
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Its amazing the impact you can create just by crossing the canvas with straight stitches either horizontally or vertically.

Straight stitches are generally good to use for design elements, backgrounds, geometric patterns and where you want to create a light texture.

Depending on the number of canvas thread over which the stitch is made, some of the stitches will be prone to snagging.

66 Needlepoint Straight Stitches: Go ahead, try some.

Alternating Continental StitchAlternating Continental Stitch
Basket weave titchBasketweave Stitch
Bargello Framework PatternBargello Framework Pattern
Bargello Line PatternBargello Line Pattern
Bargello Stitch 3Bargello Stitch 3
Beaty StitchBeaty Stitch
Braided Gobelin StitchBraided Gobelin Stitch
Brick StitchBrick Stitch
Darmstadt PatternDarmstadt Pattern
Darning StitchDarning Stitch
Diagonal Gobelin StitchDiagonal Gobelin Stitch
Double Brick StitchDouble Brick Stitch
Diagonal L StitchDiagonal L Stitch
Diagonal Stripe StitchDiagonal Stripe Stitch
Double Darning StitchDouble Darning Stitch
Double Hungarian Ground StitchDouble Hungarian Ground Stitch
Double Hungarian StitchDouble Hungarian Stitch
Double Parisian StitchDouble Parisian Stitch
Encroaching Straight Gobelin StitchEncroaching Straight Gobelin Stitch
F-106 StitchF-106 Stitch
Florentine StitchFlorentine Stitch
Four Way Bargello PatternFour Way Bargello Pattern
Frame StitchFrame Stitch
Framed Pavilion StitchFramed Pavilion Stitch
Giant Brick StitchGiant Brick Stitch
Gingham StitchGingham Stitch
Half Cross Stitch VerticalHalf Cross Stitch Vertical
Half Cross Stitch HorizontalHalf Cross Stitch Horizontal
Horizontal Double Brick StitchHorizontal Double Brick Stitch
Horizontal Hungarian StitchHorizontal Hungarian Stitch
Horizontal Milanese StitchHorizontal Milanese Stitch
Horizontal Old Florentine StitchHorizontal Old Florentine Stitch
Horizontal Parisian StitchHorizontal Parisian Stitch
Hungarian Ground StitchHungarian Ground Stitch
Hungarian StitchHungarian Stitch
Indian Stripe StitchIndian Stripe Stitch
Interlocking Gobelin StitchInterlocking Gobelin Stitch
Interlocking Straight Gobelin StitchInterlocking Straight Gobelin Stitch
Jo Jo StitchJo Jo Stitch
Lazy Roman II StitchLazy Roman II Stitch

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Needlepoint Straight Stitches: When you simply must have more.

Lazy Roman III StitchLazy Roman III Stitch
Medieval Mosaic StitchMedieval Mosaic Stitch
Old Florentine StitchOld Florentine Stitch
Padded Brick StitchPadded Brick Stitch
Padded Slanted Gobelin StitchPadded Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Palace Pattern StitchPalace Pattern Stitch
Parisian StitchParisian Stitch
Patterned Threes StitchPatterned Threes Stitch
Pavilion Boxes StitchPavilion Boxes Stitch
Pavilion Diamond StitchPavilion Diamond Stitch
Pavilion Steps StitchPavilion Steps Stitch
Pavilion StitchPavilion Stitch
Pavilion Tied StitchPavilion Tied Stitch
Plaited Gobelin StitchPlaited Gobelin Stitch
Princess Stitch 3Princess Stitch 3
Roman II StitchRoman II Stitch
Roman III StitchRoman III Stitch
Shingle StitchShingle Stitch
Slanted Gobelin 2 x 2 StitchSlanted Gobelin 2 x 2 Stitch
Slanted Gobelin 4 x 4 StitchSlanted Gobelin 4 x 4 Stitch
Slanted Gobelin StitchSlanted Gobelin Stitch
Split Slanted Gobelin StitchSplit Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Straight Gobelin StitchStraight Gobelin Stitch
Straight StitchStraight Stitch
Sutherland StitchSutherland Stitch
Tent Stitch HorizontalTent Stitch Horizontal
Tent Stitch VerticalTent Stitch Vertical
Tied Gobelin StitchTied Gobelin Stitch
Tied Pavilion StitchTied Pavilion Stitch
Triangle Variation StitchTriangle Variation Stitch
Upright Oriental StitchUpright Oriental Stitch
Vertical Milanese StitchVertical Milanese Stitch
Victorian Steps StitchVictorian Steps Stitch
Wild Goose Chase StitchWild Goose Chase Stitch
Willow StitchWillow Stitch
Woven Ribbons StitchWoven Ribbons Stitch

Now, its time to try some of the above straight stitches.

You can make yourself a sample guide for future use.  Simply stitch a pattern of 20 x 20 area on your needlepoint canvas keeping trek of the amount of yarn you have used, will help you as a buying guide of how much yarn to purchase for your design.

Share 66 Needlepoint Straight Stitches with your friends so they too can enjoy the tremendous variations available for stitching.

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