68 Needlepoint Cross Stitch Variations: Charted Possibilities

Did you know that there are at least 68 variations of needlepoint cross stitch that can be used on your needlepoint canvas?

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68 Cross Stitch Variations
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I have charted all of them for you to try.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

Cross stitches are ideal for filling in the background, design elements, emphasizing borders or stitching flower motifs. 

There are just a few things to remember when working cross stitch:

  • On a mono canvas you must cross each stitch as you go so that you don't distort the canvas.
  • Depending on your canvas count, you might need a thicker or thinner yarn to fill the canvas wholes.
  • Consistency in the direction of the stitches does matter.  

Needlepoint Cross Stitch Variations: A Visual Guide

Alternating Oblong Cross StitchAlternating Oblong Cross Stitch
Alternating Smyrna StitchAlternating Smyrna Stitch
Barred Square StitchBarred Square Stitch
Bound Cross StitchBound Cross Stitch
Checkerboard Cross StitchCheckerboard Cross Stitch
Combination Crosses StitchCombination Crosses Stitch
Cross Stitch Variation 1Cross Stitch Variation 1
Cross Stitch Variation 2Cross Stitch Variation 2
Crossed Mosaic StitchCrossed Mosaic Stitch
Diagonal Cross StitchDiagonal Cross Stitch
Diagonal Fern StitchDiagonal Fern Stitch
Diagonal Greek Cross StitchDiagonal Greek Cross Stitch
Diagonal Upright Cross StitchDiagonal Upright Cross Stitch
Diamond Leviathan Cross StitchDiamond Leviathan Cross Stitch
Dotted Cross StitchDotted Cross Stitch
Double Cross Stitch 2Double Cross Stitch 2
Double Cross StitchDouble Cross Stitch
Double Cross Trame StitchDouble Cross Trame Stitch
Double Cross Trame Stitch 1Double Cross Trame Stitch 1
Double Cross Trame Stitch 2Double Cross Trame Stitch 2
Double Layered Cross StitchDouble Layered Cross Stitch
Double Leviathan StitchDouble Leviathan Stitch
Double Straight Cross StitchDouble Straight Cross Stitch
Fancy Cross StitchFancy Cross Stitch
Fern StitchFern Stitch
Flying Cross StitchFlying Cross Stitch
Greek Cross StitchGreek Cross Stitch
Herringbone Gone Wrong StitchHerringbone Gone Wrong Stitch
Herringbone StitchHerringbone Stitch
Horizontal Elongated Smyrna StitchHorizontal Elongated Smyrna Stitch
Hourglass Cross StitchHourglass Cross Stitch
Italian Cross StitchItalian Cross Stitch
Leviathan StitchLeviathan Stitch
Long Arm Smyrna StitchLong Arm Smyrna Stitch
Medallion StitchMedallion Stitch
Mini Cross Diagonal StitchMini Cross Diagonal Stitch
Patterned Crosses StitchPatterned Crosses Stitch
Patterned Scotch StitchPatterned Scotch Stitch
Plaited Gobelin StitchPlaited Gobelin Stitch
Point De Tresse StitchPoint De Tresse Stitch
Pleated StitchPleated Stitch
Raised Cross StitchRaised Cross Stitch

Needlepoint Cross Stitch Variations: When 44 is not enough

Reversed Smyrna StitchReversed Smyrna Stitch
Rhodes Cross StitchRhodes Cross Stitch x 6
Rhodes StitchRhodes Stitch
Roman Cross StitchRoman Cross Stitch
Slanted Cross StitchSlanted Cross Stitch
Slanting Star StitchSlanting Star Stitch
Smyrna Cross StitchSmyrna Cross Stitch
Spaced Cross Trame Stitch x 1Spaced Cross Trame Stitch x 1
Spaced Cross Trame Stitch x 3Spaced Cross Trame Stitch x 3
Tied Windmill StitchTied Windmill Stitch

Like what you see?  Glad to update you of upcoming postings, just fill out the boxes below:

Trellis Cross StitchTrellis Cross Stitch
Triangle StitchTriangle Stitch
Triangle Stitch x 4Triangle Stitch x 4
Triple Cross StitchTriple Cross Stitch
Triple Leviathan StitchTriple Leviathan Stitch
Triple Oblong Cross StitchTriple Oblong Cross Stitch
Two Color Herringbone StitchTwo Color Herringbone Stitch
Upright Cross StitchUpright Cross Stitch
Vertical Elongated Smyrna StitchVertical Elongated Smyrna Stitch
Waffle StitchWaffle Stitch
Windmill StitchWindmill Stitch
Windowpane Cross StitchWindowpane Cross Stitch

Needlepoint Cross Stitch Variations:
Putting them into practice

So, how many of them will you try?

Experiment with different count of canvases and thickness of yarn to see the impact each creates.  If you have as many yarns us I do in your needlework stash, you can even create a collage of stitch samples to refer to when needed.

Go ahead, share this visual guide to 66 Needlepoint Cross Stitches with your friends.

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