Hi, my name is Valerie, Valerie Woods.

I am a self thought needleworker with a passion for research and collecting information about needlework.  

Its all started when I visited a carpet museum in Turkey during my vacation a decade ago.

Admiring those carpets, I knew that any one of them would be perfect for my home.   I kept on looking at them, marveling at the fact  that they were all hand-made.  They just wouldn't  let me walk away. Standing in front of one,  shifting from foot to foot, leaning in closer, studying its design, texture and color,  wondering if it could be made into a needlepoint project.

Then I  become obsessed to create a pattern for one. 


Without a clue where to start.

I didn't know much about needlework then.

I am still learning. 

But I did create a needlepoint adaptation of one of those antique carpets.

This one.

It took two years.  Making it forced me to be patient. Thought me about perseverance, workmanship, value of making mistakes and research.

Research has also led me to design some of my own needlepoint carpet patterns, charting them so you can easily create an affordable authentic reproduction of an antique carpet.

I am determined curate and create the best resources on the Web about needlework and some its major branches.

I have created NeedleworkGuide.com to save you time, money, frustration, and to be able to look up a stitch, see its chart and practice before applying it to a project. 

To start you off on your journey of exploration of needlework and embroidery, or to spark your curiosity,  I have created the Ultimate Guide To 139 Needlework Books Online.  All are copy right free and downloadable.  Or, if you would like to have a PDF copy of the , I will gladly send you one.  Just put your e-mail address in the subscription box below.

Your feedback on its usefulness, or how I can improve it, would be greatly appreciated.

Connect with me on Twitter @NeedleworkGuide and let me know.

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