Algerian Eye Stitch For Needlepoint

Algerian eye stitch for needlepoint or needlework is often used on canvas, Aida cloth or linen for pulled thread embroidery.

Algerian Eye StitchAlgerian Eye Stitch for Needlepoint
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Algerian Eye Stitch Method of Completion:

  • Always come up in an empty hole, or work the stitches from the outside in.  As you go down the hole, slightly pull the thread towards the whole you.
  • As you go around to form a square or triangle, you might want to use a knitting needle or awl for needlework to loosen the hole created.  This will allow for the thread to travel through the hole with ease.
  • If you are making a row of Algerian eye stitches for a border, it is best to travel from left to right.  Use your knitting needle or awl to make the holes as uniform as possible.
  • Test the thickness of the yarn to be used on needlepoint canvas or even-weave needlework fabric, like Aida or linen to make sure that the number of stitches to form the pattern can easily be accommodated.

Algerian Eye Stitch Characteristics:

Best suited for: 

Borders, backgrounds and geometric design elements.


Slow to work as you must pay attention to the direction of the stitches and occasional adjustment of the hole created.

Snag proof, light in texture and and forms a relatively weak pattern.

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