Crossed Diamond Stitch x 4 for Needlepoint

This grouped crossed diamond stitch for needlepoint or needlework is often used on canvas, Aida cloth or linen.  Grouping four crossed diamond stitches together forms an attractive pattern.

Crossed Diamond Stitch x 4Crossed Diamond Stitch x 4 for Needlepoint
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Needlepoint Crossed Diamond Stitches: Method of Completion

  1. Just like with a single cross diamond stitch pattern, start with the center cross (A-B and C-D) to mark the center of the pattern, being careful with the tension of your stitches.

  2. Working the stitches around the perimeter of the pattern, come up in an empty hole at 1 and go down at 2, pulling the yarn slightly toward the hole you come up at.

  3. Work the stitches in a counter-clock direction, always coming up in an empty whole and going down towards the center.

  4. Using an awl or knitting needle, poke into the hole created to make the passage of the yarn easier, and the size of the holes more uniform.

  5. After completing the first crossed diamond stitch pattern, proceed in a clock or counter-clock direction to form the second of the 4 stitch patterns.

  6. When all four crossed diamond patterns are completed, frame each diamond pattern with back stitches.  I used a different color on the chart to clearly indicate where the back stitches are to be used.

Crossed Diamond Stitch x 4 Characteristics:

Best suited for: Strong center patterns or background.

Ideal for borders and design elements for geometric patterns. Grouping the, makes a nice flower pattern or scatter them through your design.


  • The pattern is slow to work, especially in groups, since careful attention must be paid to the direction of the stitches and pattern elements.

  • To achieve a nice even distribution of stitches, tension is very important.  Each stitch should be pulled slightly from the center towards the outside. 

  • Use different color and thickness of yarn or thread to vary texture and pattern impact or interest.

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