Diamond Eyelet Stitch for Needlepoint

The diamond eyelet stitch for needlepoint or needlework is often used on canvas, Aida cloth or linen.  Sometimes this stitch is referred to as one of the canvas stitches. The stitch can be used on its own, or in groups.

Diamond Eyelet StitchDiamond Eyelet Stitch for Needlepoint
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Needlepoint Diamond Eyelet Stitch: Method of Completion

  1. Start coming up in an empty canvas hole and work towards the center of your stitch.  In this case, come up at 1 and travel across 4 vertical canvas threads and go down.  In all, 16 stitches will have to travel through the same hole.

  2. Work the stitches in a counter-clockwise direction, always coming up in an empty hole and going down towards the center, slightly pulling thread towards the stitch where you come up.

  3. You might need an awl or knitting needle to enlarge the hole.  This will make the passage of  yarn easier and  the size of the hole more uniform and accommodating.

  4. Since all stitches go down the same hole, be careful not to split the yarn or thread used by the previous stitches. Make enough room for the new stitch to go through.

  5. Finally, when your diamond eyelet stitch is completed, outline  the diamond shape with back stitches as indicated in the diagram. I used a different colors on the chart to clearly indicate where backs titches are to be applied.

Diamond Eyelet Stitch Characteristics:

Best suited for: borders, backings, backgrounds, geometric patterns or as an accent.


This stitch can be slow to work due to the share number of stitches needed to make up the pattern.  Careful attention must be paid to the direction of each stitch, ie., that you always work from the outside in.

To achieve a nice even distribution of stitches, the tension used is very important.

Try grouping  diamond eyelet stitches to form a pattern.  Use different color and thickness of yarn or thread to vary texture, pattern impact or interest.

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