Double Crossed Diamond Stitch for Needlepoint

The double crossed diamond stitch for needlepoint or needlework is often used on needlepoint canvas, Aida cloth or linen.  Sometimes it is referred to as double crossed diamond canvas stitch.

Double Crossed Diamond StitchDouble Crossed Diamond Stitch for Needlepoint
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Needlepoint Double Crossed Diamond Stitch: Method of Completion

  • For the double crossed diamond stitch pattern, start by coming up at 1 and going down at 2.  Prior to coming up at 3, slightly pull the yarn to the left to enlarge the hole traveled through.

  • Working the stitches around the perimeter, always come up in an empty hole and go down at the center pulling slightly toward the hole you come up at.

  • Work the stitches in a counter-clock direction.  You will notice that three threads of yarn go down into one canvas hole as you move around the pattern.

  • Finally, frame the double crossed diamond pattern with back stitches. I used a different color for the back stitches on the chart to clearly identify their placement.

  • As an alternative to the above, you might decide to start your pattern at the center of the design. In this case, to form the first leg of the cross, you will come up and travel diagonally across the canvas thread and go down at the 4th intersection.
  • Keep the tension of the stitch even and do not pull the yarn towards the direction you came up at. Completing the center cross stitch first, can provide a nice guideline to lay down the rest of the stitches.

Double Crossed Diamond Stitch Characteristics:

Best suited for: borders, accents, geometric and flower patterns.


  • The double crossed diamond pattern is slow to work and attention must be paid to the direction of the stitches.

  • Depending on the yarn or thread used, the stitch will form a medium texture and a relatively strong pattern.

  • Use different color and thickness of yarn or thread for greater impact or interest.

  • An interesting pattern can be formed by combining 4 double crossed diamond stitches.

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