Needlepoint Carpet Pattern: Turkish, Konya, 18th c. v2

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Needlepoint carpet pattern based on an antique Turkish carpet from Konya 18th c. 

Needlepoint Carpet Pattern, Turkish, Konya 18th c. v2Needlepoint Carpet Pattern base on an antique Turkish carpet from Konya 18th c.

Fabric: Zweigart Mono Canvas White
Sewing Count: 55/100 mm or 14.0/inch
Chart Size: 373 x 510 Stitches
Finished Size: 677 x 925 mm or 36.6 x 36.4 inch
Fabric Size: 825 x 1075 mm or 32.5 x 42.3 inch
Stitch Style: Tent stitch

chart pages: 36

Chart Pack Price: $19.50

The field of the rug is covered with Kocboynuzu, ram's horn, motifs indicating male fertility, protected by the eye motifs. The border is filled with a Rose motifs  symbolizing happiness.

The rug as a whole, symbolizes fertility and happiness.

What you need to know about your needlepoint carpet pattern chart pack:

Please remember that you will need a PDF reader on your computer to look and print your chart pages. 

You can find and install a free PDF reader  by clicking on the link.

You can print the chart page by page, or all at once.  This chart pack contains 36 pages including a color keys for your yarns and a color chart pattern  with instructions for the progression of stitching.

For convenience, I have also included a computer generated key for four different yarns that can be used to complete your carpet:

  • Brown Paper Packages from Silk&Ivory
  • Appleton Tapestry Wool
  • DMC Tapestry Wool, and
  • Paterna Tapestry Wool

Just a peak of what you will receive:

Color Key for The Yarn To be Used an Quantity Needed
Pattern Page Chart For the Order Of Stitching the Pattern
Color And Symbol Chart For The Pattern

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