Squared Daisies Stitch x 6 for Needlepoint

This group of squared daisies stitches for needlepoint or needlework can be used on needlepoint canvas, Aida cloth or linen.  Depending on the type of needlework fabric/canvas used the thickness of the yarn/thread needs to be adjusted.

Needlepoint Squared Daisies StitchSquared Daisies Stitch x 6 for Needlepoint
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Grouped Needlepoint Squared Daisies Stitches: Method of Completion

  1. Unlike a single squared daisy stitch, this chart demonstrates the use of 4 squared daisy stitch patterns using 16 stitches each, and 3 squared daisy stitch patterns using 12 stitches each to form their pattern.

  2. To work either of the squared daisy stitch patterns, start at the left and come up in an empty hole at 1, go down at 2, pulling the thread slightly to the left after you have gone through the hole. 

  3. Follow each pattern in a counter-clockwise direction and pull the thread slightly towards the hole you come up at each time you passed through the center hole .

  4. You will notice that only 2 of the stitches to make up the pattern are truly horizontal or vertical, the rest all travel in a diagonal direction across the canvas threads.

  5. Since all 16 or 12 stitches go through one central hole, you might want to use an awl or knitting needle to enlarge the whole. This will help the yarn to go through easier and without snagging the stitches that have already been laid.

  6. After completing each squared daisy pattern, use a back stitch to go around the larger daisy patterns.  Using different colors for the larger and smaller daisy patterns and the back stitches will form an interesting pattern.

Squared Daisies stitch Characteristics:

Best suited for: backing, backgrounds, geometric and flower designs


  • These Squared Daises stitch patterns are relatively slow to stitch since attention must be paid to the direction of each stitch forming the pattern and the single whole through which all stitches must pass.

  • Depending on the yarn or thread used and the count of the fabric/canvas the pattern is applied to, the texture created will be relatively light and the strength of the pattern strong. 

Experiment to see which effect you like the best.

Use different color and thickness of yarn for greater impact or interest.

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